Jupyter Notebook – Server Mode

For those who want to know more about Anaconda and Jupyter, please refer to my earlier post.

Anaconda includes Jupyter Notebook by default. And you can use the Vagrant Template from GIT. But when you start the Jupyter Notebook, I can’t access from my host web browser.

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Install IDE for Vagrant VM

As I build up the development environment using Vagrant and Ansible, it is always annoying that the IDE tools is on the host machine. And I have to sync the shared folder between the VM and host machine where I run my IDE tools. It is really annoying and hard to run the unit testing and debug.

There are two solutions for this issue. First solution, I repackage the VM and create another base box with Webstorm as IDE tool based on  Ubuntu Trusty 64 Virtual Box. By doing this, I can use this base box for any DEV environment and run Webstorm without any extra efforts. Second, I add the ansible role for Webstorm. Then use the “ansible.tags” to provision the Webstorm tool. Now let’s see the details.

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